Client Testimonials

"Sue has a very diverse set of skills and was a perfect fit for our start-up company.  As the company grew and her role changed, Sue adapted. Over the 4.5 years I’ve worked with Sue I know her to have a go-getter attitude and is results oriented.  In addition, she is easy going and a pleasure to be around.  A tremendous asset to any organization; highly recommend her. "

     Alex Walden

     Sr. Director, Business Operations

     Red Hill BioPharma

Mike Ferguson


TAB Clinical

"Sue Van Vactor consistently functions in an outstanding manner.  She is always willing to insure a successful outcome of any task.  A delight to work with and helps make work more enjoyable."

“Over the past 6 years I have worked with Sue in several capacities and she consistently exceeds the expectations of everyone with whom she works. Sue sets the standard for instinctively knowing what needs to be done, making it happen and improving the entire work environment regardless of personalities or industry sector. I highly recommend Sue Van Vactor and will continue to utilize her when needed.”

"I have had the good fortune of working with Sue for a number of years.  While there are many things to commend about her work, I have been most impressed with her willingness to 'own' a process from start to finish.  We worked together in a start-up environment that, as our business grew, necessity forced us to scale operations to meet demand.  Sue proved time and again instrumental in not only designing processes for efficiency, but taking responsibility to manage them for success.  Seldom does a person possess a passion and depth of knowledge for designing process solutions, as well as a willingness to 'own' them on behalf of the organization.  Couple that with her extremely personal demeanor, and you have the ideal project manager who interfaces exceptionally well with vendors and partners vital to a small company's success.  I highly recommend Sue for any organization who wishes to delegate work to a competent professional who gets stuff done."

        James Martin

        Director of Sales and Marketing, Entera Health

"Sue sets a high standard and makes my job easier and more pleasant. I'm able to give her tasks, then forget about them knowing they'll be completed completely and accurately."

Frank Ritter, C. Psychol. PH.D.
Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University

Gerald Klein, M.D.
Principal, MedSurgPI, LLC